HR and Learning & Development Services

HR Services

Every industry has the same concerns.  How do we reduce our overheads while providing up to date services to personnel.  Having a smaller foot print keeps your business agile.  We provide you with turnkey solutions covering the complete gamut of HR services from sourcing to selection and recruitment to HR administration, HRIS integration, benefits, payroll, employee relations, performance management, grievance handling and terminations.


Turnkey HR Services

  • Employment Advertising  

  • Manpower sourcing

  • Interviewing, Selection and Recruitment

  • Behavioral and Cognitive testing mechanisms

  • Offer letters and Personnel file management

  • Leave and benefit tracking linked to payroll

  • HRIS implementation, administration and maintenance

  • HR manuals, procedures and policy implementation

  • Job descriptions and performance management procedures

Turnkey L&D Services

  • Onboarding services 

  • Technical training hybrid deployment systems

  • Leadership Pipeline development related workshops

  • LMS implementation, administration and maintenance

  • Performance management training

  • Managing standards, grooming and etiquette workshops

  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

  • Presentations and speech training

  • Business English language development  

Learning & Development Services

Average training expenditures in the US for large companies increased from $14.3 million in 2016 to $17 million in 2017. Likewise, the number for small companies rose to $1 million from $376,251 in 2016.

An average of 7 percent of the total training budget was spent on outsourcing in 2017, up from 5 percent in 2016.

On average, 34 percent of companies mostly or completely outsourced LMS operations/hosting (up from 28 percent last year), while LMS administration and learner support largely were handled in-house (83 and 87 percent, respectively).

Instruction/facilitation was outsourced more (66 percent) than handled in-house (35 percent). Across all the topic areas, large companies outsourced only slightly more than midsize ones, and midsize organizations outsourced more than small companies. This effect was most striking for custom content development (56 percent some or completely outsourced for large companies; 48 percent for midsize ones; and 28 percent for small organizations).* 

What does all this tell us? Having an internal training department is an added cost.  Its a lovely thing to have, but lets be honest, we need to ensure we keep our costs low to remain competitive. Wouldn't it be great of you could have all your training and development needs tailor made and delivered as turnkey solutions at a fraction of the cost of having an internal training department with all its overheads. 

Looking ahead, the most frequently anticipated purchases are online learning tools and systems (40 percent vs. 35 percent last year), learning management systems (39 percent vs. 40 percent last year), and certification (which leaped into No. 3 with 29 percent vs. 23 percent last year).

This means Organizations are moving away from traditional classroom training systems to more online learning interventions.  LMS platforms are being used more and more as organizations embrace more tech related solutions.  This is Industry 4.0 and we are in the age of the Internet of things and Cloud services.  This is outsourcing at its best. 

*Extracted from Training Magazine - Lakewood Media Group (All rights reserved)